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MGMT sue France {and won}

Looks like France's current ruling political party, French President Nicolas Sarkozy's Union For A Popular Movement (UPM), used an MGMT song ("Kids") without their consent to promote anti-piracy legislation. Hmm, that's weird. I's *almost* the kind of NONcommunication technique US government might use when flying a plane mega low over Manhattan for a photo shoot […]

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IG Shrie's Top Ten Plus Plus!

2008 was an interesting musical, and personal, year for me. I listened to a lot of indie rock, electronica and went to a shit-ton of shows (one of which was the best I've ever seen, thanks Of Montreal). I got engaged, interned at two places, continued working full time and started going to school part […]

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MGMT at Paradise Rock Club

Show Date: July 23, 2008

Honestly, I didn't quite know what to expect when I went out to see MGMT at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. Four or five months ago I remember noticing them playing at a small local venue and I checked out their myspace. Surprisingly, every time they popped up on my radar it seemed these […]

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MGMT at Chop Suey

Show Date: April 21, 2008

I don’t ever remember it being as hot in Chop Suey as it was Monday night. That’s not a metaphor. Even with it being somewhere not too far above 30 degrees outside (yes, in mid-to-late April), the club felt like a sauna. Not only was it hot in Chop Suey, but it was packed. MGMT, […]

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Vote in the NME USA music awards. Or not.

NME is sponsoring the first-ever NME Awards USA. I just tried going over to their website to read about the nominees, and when voting ends, but apparently you need to be a registered user to see the information. And that's completely lame. So I won't be voting. If you don't have the same online editorial […]

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NME has released a list of what it thinks the Next Big Things of 2008 and well, it is quite a list. Sure, its very UK-centric, but judge for yourself… here's the list with whatever YouTube link I could find. I have to admit, after listening to all of them, many of them sounds the […]

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