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A very imaginary weekend: PopCon, Record Store Day, and more!

So, you're not one of the lucky folks with tickets to Prince? Fret not, dear imaginaries. There are endless options to get your music fix this weekend, between a bounty of shows, PopCon, Record Store Day, and KEXP's Hood-to-Hood Celebration — and that's barely the beginning of it. Lace up those sneakers and make yourself […]

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Gigi: Mirah, Karl Blau, Rose Melberg, and more make awesome 60's pop record

{press photo} Reading press releases at work has it’s downfall. If you read something really awesome, it’s hard to not react too much or look too excited. Case in point when I found out about Maintenant, the premier release by (the mostly Canadian) Gigi – a “supergroup” of sorts, with songs written in the classic […]

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Tonight's recommended show: Mirah at Vera Project and/or the Dexter Street Stompers at Conor Byrne

Mirah is like yoga, Italy, and pizza… it's rare to hear an ill word said about any of them. She hardly needs me to list her finest attributes to convince you to go see her tonight at The Vera Project — except to say that you wont be disappointed. And, who knows who you'll run […]

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Isn’t this nice? Mirah has a new solo record, (a)spera, her first since 2004. That’s only partially accurate, though: fans of the Portland-based singer-songwriter have not exactly been starving for new material over the past five years. She released a two-disc set of remixes, made a multimedia presentation on the lives of insects and then […]

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Mirah, Spectratone International at Henry Art Gallery on Thursday

Now that many of us are thinking about our favorite records of the year, I just started thinking of one of my favorite Northwest albums of last year: Mirah and Spectratone International's Share This Space. It is a record about insects that was commissioned by the Seattle Children's Festival: SHARE THIS PLACE: STORIES AND OBSERVATIONSIn […]

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Mirah releases rarities collection

K Records staple, Mirah, will be releasing The Old Days Feeling on June 24. The compilation consists of unreleased, hard to find, and out-of-print tracks. The album will feature linernotes by KRecs founder/musician Calvin Johnson. Here's the tracklisting: 01 Location Temporary02 Slighted03 Don't Go04 Dreamboat05 Lone Star06 Take Me Out Riding07 Heat Gets Hotter08 Birthday […]

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Best of 2007: ChrisB's Top 10 Northwest releases

OK, the rain has let up a bit but I’m still not anxious to leave the apartment yet. Here’s my 10 favorite local albums from 2007, complete with YouTube-y goodness – as best I could find it. (I’m sure there’ll be some continuity issues with the scores I’ve assigned – I wrote the reviews for four of the albums below. This […]

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New releases for the week, from Easy Street Records

I always think it's kinda cool when old recordings are given new life. And with such notables as Tony Humphries, Nickodemus, Digable Planets' Ladybug Mecca, DJ Logic, etc. mixing up Lady Day, how can you go wrong? I am taking Billie Holiday's Remixed and Reimagined home tonight! I missed Mirah at the Block Party, but […]

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