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Last Night


Let's face it, Moby never seemed like a very fun or cool guy. With his bookish personality and looks, he's easier to picture sipping tea than cutting rugs at thumping clubs. This places Last Night, a 14-song sonic allegory about painting the town red, into a strange realm. Is it about tea consumption? Is Moby […]

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"Say It's All Mine" by Moby

Writing about Moby is about as easy as it gets for a music writer. He's got so many angles he's a bloody dodecahedron, being a vegan christian animal-loving political DJ/rocker/nerd. Moby's career has been full of ups and downs, from high points like Everything is Wrong and Play to abominations unto mankind like Home. Many […]

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"Bring 'Em Home Now!" concert

Show Date: March 20, 2006

Hipsters, hippies, suits, and sorority girls converged on 34th Street's Hammerstein Ballroom in eager anticipation of the "Bring 'Em Home Now!" concert, which featured an array of artists and activists, including Michael Stipe, Bright Eyes, Rufus Wainwright, Cindy Sheehan, Iraq veterans, Fischerspooner, and Steve Earle. The show marked the third anniversary of the Iraq War […]

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AstroPOP! for April 2005

Your monthly imaginary horoscope told in album reviews! April 2005 AstroPOP! is brought to you with musical reviews by igDana, igLiz, Chilly C, imaginary marcel, and Imaginary DC Correspondent Joe, as well as special astrological input by Imaginary Boy Lorenzo.     Aries {March 21-April 19} The tide is high, Aries, and so are your […]

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