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Bumbershoot 2008: Day 1

Show Date: August 30, 2008

Bumbershoot is a musical extravaganza, spanning the three-day Labor Day weekend with more bands, arts, and elephant ears than anyone can possibly capture. We had a posse of imaginary writers (ChrisB, Chris Estey, imaginary elle, imaginary dana, and Cory), and photographers (Chona, Kyle, Nathan, and Andrew) all over Seattle Center, trying to capture the frenzy […]

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Top 50 Imaginary keywords this month

Ever wonder how people come to find Three Imaginary Girls? I like to geek out over such things, and happily, Google Analytics provides me with all the keyword deets I need. Some of the search terms were predictable (like, um, "three imaginary girls" as the top hit). And we always see a good number of […]

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Bumbershoot Day 2, three photo recap!

Here I am, all ready to dive in for Day 3 of Bumbershoot — and I haven't even written up all the amazing shows from yesterday, Yes, dear readers, I've been lapped! But ready to read more about these bands… Natalie Portman's Shaved Head. Photo by Eduardo Brambila Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Photo by Michael […]

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From the trenches at Bumbershoot, Day 2

I'm here in the press room with ChrisB, comparing notes from today's shows and posting new articles and photos as fast as we can. So far, so good! I started my day off with Natalie Portman's Shaved Head (SO LOVEY I WANT TO BITE THEIR HEADS!!) and Mono in VCF, while ChrisB caught the Trucks […]

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Bumber-preview: KEXP interviews

My feature over on the KEXP Blog for Audioasis this week is an enormous interview feature from eight local bands: Mono in VCF, Seaweed, Das Llamas, Shake Some Action, Fleet Foxes, Sneaky Thieves, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head, and Saturna.They were all great sports for my questions, and you can read their quite hilarious answers over […]

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Juicy gossip and good news from Seattle bands

I've gotten so many tidbits and goodies from Seattle bands today, I'd thought I'd compile them and share… BOAT is back from tour (welcome home, fellas!), and they have a groovy little video clip from tour, of their soon-to-be-classic romantic ditty, "I'm a Monkey for Your Love." Bre Loughlin, former front-woman for Kuma and Daylight […]

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Fests are upon us: Part 4: Bumbershoot update

Not sure what to check out at Bumbershoot this year? Bumbershoot has created a Bumbershoot Festival YouTube channel where you can watch videos from last year's performance as well as check out the goods on bands playing this year. Cool! In other Bumbershoot news, the bands of local bands on the roster has grown. Here's […]

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Northwest bands playing Bumbershoot: the updated list

Last week I posted to the imagi-blog and asked which local bands have heard back that they're been selected to play at Bumbershoot. Between blog comments and MySpace comments and some gossip at Friday night's show, here is the newly updated list: The Cops Fleet Foxes Grand Archives Mono in VCF The Saturday Knights Shake […]

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Three Imaginary Girls Best Northwest Releases of 2005 Readers' Poll Results {30-21}

#30 M. Ward — Transistor Radio (Merge Records) {official website} * {buy it}   #29 Minus the Bear — Menos El Oso (Suicide Squeeze) {official website} * {buy it} * {review}   #28 The Elephants — The Elephants (Self-released) {official website} * {buy it} * {review}   #27 The Pharmacy — B.F.F (Don't Stop Believin' […]

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