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Roller boogie at the of Montreal Listening Party {Saturday, August 21}

Join us on Saturday, August 21, 2010 from 5pm-7pm as get a sneak listen to False Priest, the new of Montreal record that wont hit the stores until September 14 (on Polyvinyl). And this isn’t just any old listening party, it’s a radtastical roller skating par-tay at the Lynnwood Bowl & Skate and is going […]

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IG Shrie's Top Ten Plus Plus!

2008 was an interesting musical, and personal, year for me. I listened to a lot of indie rock, electronica and went to a shit-ton of shows (one of which was the best I've ever seen, thanks Of Montreal). I got engaged, interned at two places, continued working full time and started going to school part […]

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Of Montreal extravaganza at Showbox SoDo

Finally, the fascinating and sometimes disturbing cacophony of OF MONTREAL will bring their sideshow act to the Showbox SoDo on November 19th with HEALTH. Don't miss this event… previous shows purportedly have consisted of ridiculous amounts of costume changing, a white horse, and liberal amounts of body paint. Kevin Barnes & Co. will not disappoint. […]

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One more day until Of Montreal LAASSEERR SPECTACULAR!

Only one more day, my friends, until the amazing Skeletal Lamping listening party and Laser Show Spectacular! Just to give you an idea of the kind of ultra-sensory experience that Of Montreal likes to impose on it's fans, check out the packaging options available for the new release Skeletal Lamping. I, for one, am looking […]

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Ticket Giveaway! And the skinny on Skeletal Lamping Lazer Show Spectacular!

Pink Floyd and Sublime step aside! Of Montreal will be taking over the Laser Dome at the Pacific Science Center on Friday September 12th for a night of seizures, pot brownies and some durn good pop music. Here's the 411…. Of Montreal's Skeletal Lamping Laser Listening Session Friday, September 12th 9:15pm sharp ALL AGES * […]

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"Skeletal Lamping" set to… lasers? Yep, and we have free tickets.

The impeccable genius of quirk-masters Of Montreal strikes again. The band's brand spankin' new release, Skeletal Lamping, will be released in October on Polyvinyl. If your pants just can't hang on that long, boy do we have a surprise for you. Of Montreal's Skeletal LampingLaser Listening Session Friday, September 12th9:15pm sharp ALL AGES  * Tickets […]

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