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Athens Popfest 2008 – Day One

Show Date: August 13, 2008

Athens Popfest is like summer camp for indie pop and rock nerds. We all convene in the college town famous for several musical revolutions once a year for such activities as sing and clap alongs, eating tasty food from any of Athens finest establishments, record hunting (last one there‚Äôs bummed out they missed the copy […]

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Celebrating a GR8 day with Hutch and Kathy, Bears, and my other favorite things

It's not often someone who isn't wearing hot glitter pink nail polish is allowed to use GR8 in a sentence (let alone as a blog title) but with today being 08/08/08 I think it's use is permitted. Tomorrow? Good luck. I wanted to start the calendarly special day with an eight infused pack of goodness. […]

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What I wouldn't do to be in Athens at 9:10p on Wednesday, August 13th

The Athens PopFest schedule has been announced and boy oh boy is this year's a doozy. I've been to the festival the last few years and for the gentile Athens indie-rock way (sometimes I think they might have invented the modern-indie DIY aesthetic) and warm swagger of the town alone it's worth a trip down […]

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