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Don't miss (seriously): Michael Kiwanuka and Nathaniel Rateliff at the Showbox, 10/5

Undoubtedly, you've heard of Michael Kiwanuka already. He's exploding out of the London scene, is up for a Mercury Prize, and has a sound that swings effortlessly from singer-songwriter to (semi-tortured) soul to jazz and back again. A quick glance at a sampler of his sounds proves this, as he invokes everything from Charles Bradley […]

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Jessica Lea Mayfield and Nathaniel Rateliff: a sold-out one-two punch show that just about charmed our pants right off.

As is the case most every week in Seattle, our nights are filled with options upon options for amazing music to take in — open mic nights, big theater shows, dirty little clubs, and everything in-between. Fresh off the Fleet Foxes / Cave Singers show Monday night, we found ourselves pressed to the front of […]

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Win two tickets to Jessica Lea Mayfield and Nathaniel Rateliff at the Tractor {5/3}

{{{UPDATE}}} We’ve got another pair of tickets to give away today for tomorrow night’s show! Details have been updated below. Rex Manning Day is almost upon us! Jessica Lea Mayfield and Nathaniel Rateliff are coming to the Tractor next Tuesday night (that’s May 3rd, for anyone who’s checking for a Fleet Foxes conflict), and believe […]

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THIS WILL BE THE BEST SHOW EVER: Jessica Lea Mayfield and Nathaniel Rateliff at the Tractor {5/3}

Upon opening the imaginary inbox to read the Tractor’s calendar email yesterday afternoon, I almost had an accident. Right there at the desk. Because two of 2010’s heavy-rotation best-of-list abounding artists — for me, at least — are coming together for one show, on a tiny stage in Ballard, and it’s my humble opinion that […]

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Imaginary Victoria's best of 2010, part two: shows (and other indoor sports)

It’s safe to say here at Three Imaginary Girls that we go to a lot of shows. Sometimes, two (or three) in one night, if there’s more than one must-see happening going on about town. And so it’s no surprise that in 2010 alone, just on my own, I managed to go to shoot at […]

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Imaginary Victoria's best of 2010, part one: seventeen new releases that knocked the stripes right off my kneesocks.

I know, I know. Writing best of 2010 lists is so three-weeks-ago. But with such a good year in music having just passed, it would be remiss of me to not to let the imaginary-sphere know about a few of my favorite close-of-the-start-of-the-oughts things. I’ve never been a big subscriber to “this is better than […]

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Tonight's recommended show: Nathaniel Rateliff at the Triple Door

Nathaniel Rateliff is playing tonight at the Triple Door. For ten dollars. As we’ve said so many times before, do not miss this show. Period. Here’s why: First off, Nathaniel’s latest release, In Memory of Loss (I know, right? Brilliant.) is nothing short of stunning. It’s packed with huge, ethereal vocals; sprinkled with a pinch […]

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