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Boating with Clyde

Bumbershoot 2014: Best single Bumbershoot day ever?

No need for a loping intro to this one. For future reference, this is what happened on Sunday, August 31st at the Seattle Center. For a slobbering, no-good-for-shore music fan of many decades like me, it gives full on braingasm to try to wrap my skull walnut around it. These blurbs will be reasonably tight […]

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Negativland has a huge backstory as post-situationist pranksters and pop culture satirists and sound collage mayhem-makers that I'm going to skip for the most part. I will say that their essential mid-80s album Escape From Noise is still one of the funniest, freshest, and even funkiest uses of soundscape to form a politically-pointed accidental novel. […]

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