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Imaginary Interview Quotes That Make My Heart Burst Will Sheff / Okkervil River (December 2003) Tegan Quin / Tegan & Sara (October 2004) Rhett Miller / Old 97s (October 2004) Cinerama and the Wedding Present / David Gedge (November 2003 / March 2012)

6 Imaginary Interview Quotes That Make My Heart Burst

Did you hear the news? June 2018 marks Three Imaginary Girls’ 16th birthday! We’re throwing a big New Wave Night party that will be imaginary to the max {performances with a live band, karaoke, a DJ dance party, a photo booth, and more!!!}. Please please please join us! {all the details} All this celebration {and […]

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Musicfest NW 2012: a perfect way to end the summer

I'm still recovering from the long week of bands, venues, and seemingly endless late-night photo edits, however: I wouldn't change one thing about my stay in Portland. Musicfest NW is the stamp at the end of a summer of festivals and they packed their lineup with some amazing bands. My schedule kept changing up until […]

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Photoessay: day four of Sasquatch! at the Gorge

Our last day out at this year's Sasquatch! music festival went out with an absolute bang. The morning started out with the sweet, big guitar + indie.altpop sounds of the Young Evils on the Yeti stage, followed by a smash-up singalong set by the Old 97's on the main stage (where we promptly got our […]

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Sneak peek: our picks for mind-melters at Sasquatch 2011

It’s high time we started scouring the schedule and getting that backlog of laundry done — because this year’s Sasquatch festival up at the Gorge is upon us, and we’ll be heading up there for the long Memorial Day weekend (including Friday) to report back the best of what’s good. Here’s a blow-by-blow of what’s […]

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The 2011 Sasquatch bill is un-frack-withable

{Sasquatch photo by asclepius6 from the Imaginary Flickr Photo Pool} Do you hear that? It is the sound of folks feverishly tweeting and posting about the amazing #Sasquatch line-up just announced. After weeks (who are we kidding, months!) of mathematically calculating probabilities based on tour schedules and record release dates, we finally have a firm […]

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The Grand Theatre Volume One


***Come listen to this entire Old 97s record with us at this Sunday’s Imaginary Crafternoon Listening Party! Three Imaginary Girls is hosting a free, all ages Crafternoon in which we’ll plop on three brand new releases we are loving right now and work on crafts. If you’re in between craft projects or interested in a […]

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Imaginary Crafternoon: Old 97s, The Young Evils, Holiday Indie-pop, and crafts!

Join us Sunday, December 5th from 1pm-3pm at Neptune Coffee as we gather to craft holiday style. In this month’s edition of the Imaginary Crafternoon Listening Party, we’re going to work on our craft projects and listen three new releases in their entirety from beginning to end: The Old 97’s – The Grand Theatre Volume […]

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The Old '97s at the Showbox {Rhett Miller is a serial lady killer}

Show Date: June 30, 2010

The lights dim just before the band walks on stage, and entrance music starts. Full volume. All of a sudden, imaginary Victoria asks, "You guys. Are they playing 'Dreamweaver'?". Yes, they were. Most definitely. It's almost as if the Old 97's know that their leader, Rhett Miller, is like a teen heartthrob for grown-ups. Oh […]

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