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Imaginary Interview: Zac Pennington – Parenthetical Girls continue their dazzling & dark EP series

First, the Not Safe For Work/School/In front of blushers new video for Parenthetical Girls’ “The Pornographer”: Parenthetical Girls: The Pornographer (NSFW) from Parenthetical Girls on Vimeo. And now my lengthy conversation with P. Girls’ vocalist/songwriter/instrumentalist Zac Pennington, conducted a couple of weeks ago after the third EP of their spleen-kicking, air-ceasing, head-dizzying Privilege releases came […]

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20 words each on 11 of the Best Releases of 2010

{Shabazz Palaces photo from the Three Imaginary Girls Flickr Pool by Jason Tang} Through sheer quirk of fate and possibly my own fatally quirky tastes, the top spots for my four favorite records of the year were given to two separate EPs by two different bands. I’m going to start my Top 20 of 2011 list […]

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Gigi: Mirah, Karl Blau, Rose Melberg, and more make awesome 60's pop record

{press photo} Reading press releases at work has it’s downfall. If you read something really awesome, it’s hard to not react too much or look too excited. Case in point when I found out about Maintenant, the premier release by (the mostly Canadian) Gigi – a “supergroup” of sorts, with songs written in the classic […]

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Best gift discs they might miss (best music of 2009)

There are a lot of fantastic books, albums, DVDs, and other things that any music fan would love to get this year, but may not know that they would love them yet. The pop culture pie hole is insatiable, and with the battered economy not everything I loved got the proper hype. This is Part […]

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Parenthetical Girls talk about *The Scottish Play*

Zac Pennington of the Parenthetical Girls recently sent downloads of his band’s absolutely delightful “mini-LP” adapting Scottish poet Ivor Cutler’s imagery to their idyllic blend of artful electro-pop. I fell madly in love with the eight song cycle, and begged Pennington to answer some questions as he takes in the Old World on the eve […]

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The Parenthetical Girls get festive with {free} holiday songs

Portland’s Parenthetical Girls are the masters of the sublime, crafting dreamlike fairy tale states out of jagged melodies and fragile poems. To anyone familiar with them, it’s no surprise that they’ve chosen to release the most wonderfully contrary holiday songs to mark the season… and, oh dear, are we a sucker for festive limited edition […]

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Dead Science's Jherek Bischoff's 30th Birthday Concert to feature 40 piece orchestra

Seattle’s avant-pop/punk-jazz innovator Jherek Bischoff knows how to throw a 30th birthday paty for himself — and put on a great big show for us!  Bischoff, of The Dead Science, Parenthetical Girls, Ribbons, 30th Birthday Concert is taking place at Seattle’s Town Hall on Friday, September 11th. The show will feature a 40-piece orchestra, playing 13 compositions.  Here’s the bio […]

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