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Santa John Roderick. Photo credit: Laura Duffy

I’d like to make the world a holiday mixtape…

This morning’s headlines made claim that a Christmas song by the Shins has overtaken Mariah Carey’s holiday anthem as the “the most played holiday song.” Although I love the Shins, their version of a Paul McCartney holiday song, and the idea of it being the #1 holiday song, I have to admit I’m a tad […]

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I think I'm in the Twilight Zone episode where Brett Michaels is God

So this week, when I sat down to peruse the new Billboard Top 200, I was expecting to jot down a few notes, make some wise arse remarks, and call it a day. Oh no, Erik, you don't get off that easy. I have officially decided that the pop charts have jumped the shark and […]

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Paul McCartney reissuing post-Beatles albums

Yesterday EMI Music announced that they will be releasing Paul McCartney’s solo catalog online for the first time. His post-Beatle group Wings will also be made available across all digital platforms and in physical formats. Taken from this article: “The project will stretch from his first album, "McCartney" (1970) to his most recent studio album, […]

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Paul McCartney

Show Date: October 19, 2002

When Conor Oberst parlays his stray-puppy cuteness and sensitive charm into gushing reviews and mother-daughter cd-listening bonding sessions, he's following in the footsteps of the original parental-approved 'Cute One,' Paul McCartney. When Kim and Thurston brought matrimonial bad hair and questionable vocal harmonies to NYC's Lower East Side, Paul and Linda had already blazed the […]

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