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WOWEE ZOWEE! A Pavement reunion?

OH HELL YES! There has been a little twitter of late that Pavement might reform for Coachella! Guitarist Scott Kannberg was quoted on as saying "Coachella keeps asking our booking agent but our booking agent's pretty strong. He's waiting for the right number, I think." 2009 marks their 20th anniversary, so the time is […]

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Strap on some grocery bag boots and head to Gainsbourg for some hot Scott​ Kannb​erg (Pavement, PSOI, etc.) action tonight

The rumor is true! If you can make it to Greenwood's most fabulous watering hole tonight (12/21), you will be treated by tasty foodstuffs, luscious libations and an amazing set of music by Scott Kannberg (​a.​k.​a.​ "​Spira​l Stair​s"​ guita​rist of Pavem​ent, Preston School of Industry). And that's not all… Scott​ flew up his dear frien​d […]

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Greatest Indie Anthems

Just because it is now officially NME Thursday and everyone loves themed lists, how about we talk about the Greatest Indie Anthems ever… and what NME / Xfm and the general UK public think they are. The top 50 Greatest Indie Anthems as listed in NME:1. Oasis – 'Live Forever'2. Nirvana – 'Smells Like Teen […]

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