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San Francisco Popfest: Day 1 {Thursday}

Show Date: May 21, 2009

Welcome to the very official {and very imaginary} Three Imaginary Girls San Francisco Popfest 2009 recap! We were lucky enough to have THREE of our own imaginaries there! Myself, Steve Louie (who provided all the photos), and imaginary liz all made the trek South for memorial day weekend! Here's our thoughts on the first night, […]

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San Francisco Popfest announce partial line-up

I don't know about you guys, but Sasquatch has never really been my cup of tea. I'm sort of a whiner about huge festivals. But, book a bunch of indie pop bands that I love over a series of smaller venues? I'm there in a quicker than you can shake a tambourine. This Memorial Day […]

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Forget open letters, strike back at Pitchfork in song

While perusing the internets instead of doing the work I should be completing (including my review of last night's awesome CSS show), I came across a thread on Idolator about the P4k/Airborne Toxic Event thing that we've been discussing for the past few days. One commenter, "fantasticrobots" said, "Maybe they should write a really, really […]

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Is it Sweden Week in Seattle?

Last week, Imaginary Liz mentioned a radio show in Olympia that is dedicated to playing nothing but Scandanavian music. It is, I think, a wonderful idea for a radio show. I could probably subsist on Scandavian pop music (Annie, Royksopp, Shout Out Louds, Hives, etc…) for at least a year if I had to. It […]

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Labrador 100 – A Complete History Of Popular Music


When Sarah Records had their 100th record (actually just the 100th single), they held a huge party, a series of concerts, and shut down the label. Labrador Records of Sweden, who have been compared to Sarah, just released a 4 CD box set, and are carrying on, and on, and on. Not that Labrador is […]

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