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Sasquatchin’ Day 3: Out With A Roar, Not A Wimper

I didn’t realize until I was deep in it, but Sunday was packed with more acts that I wanted to see and/or photograph than any other day. Considering there’s more music on Saturday, that’s a pretty hefty feat. Who was I excited about? Japanese Breakfast, Tank and the Bangas, Jacob Banks, Phoebe Bridgers, Alex Lahey, […]

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The crowd at Capitol Hill Block Party 2017.The crowd at Capitol Hill Block Party 2017.

Capitol Hill Block Party 2017: Day 3 Recap

Show Date: July 23, 2017

The final day of Block Party was filled with friends, furious note taking, and glorious Seattle sunsets. Here is how Brady and I closed out CHBP 2017. Highlights: Usually going down to Barboza Basement (™) means a respite from the heat, but not when The White Tears & Pearl Dragon is Dead are on the […]

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Capitol Hill Block Party 2017 Preview!

We’re officially in the thick of Seattle’s Summer music festival season and that means it’s time for block party again! It just so happens it’s also time to introduce a new writer to the team, Imaginary Adrienne! We’ll be taking on CHBP together this year with Adrienne acting as wordsmith and myself acting as image-smith(?) […]

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The Young Evils - Credit: Victoria VanBruinisse

Sasquatch 2015 Picks: Modest Mouse, Odesza, Perfume Genius, The Budos Band, The Young Evils {Saturday, May 23}

Really, so much good stuff to see today at Sasquatch! On the Uranus stage at 3:00 are Seattle rockers  The Young Evils. What started a few years ago as a more acoustic based Vaselines homage between Troy Nelson and his girlfriend (now wife) Mackenzie has expanded in both members and sound. They’ve amp’d up the […]

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Belle and Sebastian photo by Søren Solkær

Belle & Sebastian at the Paramount Theater

Show Date: April 7, 2015

Michael Hadreas’ solo project Perfume Genius took the stage as people were still filling up the always lovely Paramount Theater and alongside 3 backing musicians they wasted no time doing what they do best. The bass and drums reverberated loudly throughout the theater as Hadreas’ booming vocals grabbed everyone’s attention. For most of the set […]

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Put Your Back N 2 It


This album, Perfume Genius's second, sounds like a still-moment widescreen car-crash at first — a horrifying accident beautifully caught by gleaming, descending keys and soft male siren voice. "AWOL Marine" is Mike Hadreas at his most ethereal, the art of ghosting other lost souls musicalized. Put Your Back N 2 It then smokes out that […]

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20 words each on 11 of the Best Releases of 2010

{Shabazz Palaces photo from the Three Imaginary Girls Flickr Pool by Jason Tang} Through sheer quirk of fate and possibly my own fatally quirky tastes, the top spots for my four favorite records of the year were given to two separate EPs by two different bands. I’m going to start my Top 20 of 2011 list […]

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Perfume Genius



Learning is the first album by abused and otherwise, only briefly formerly-juvenile delinquent, Mike Hadreas. It never rises much above a whisper, with Hadreas’ gentle, sugary voice floating on about murders happening in the neighborhood, sex with older men in their vans in exchange for weed to smoke, and hiding mouthwash from your mother so […]

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