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Help "Unscrew the Crocodile Employees" on Dec. 30

Let's face it, amongst the many pleasant things in this world, one thing NOT on that list would be getting a voicemail from your boss on a Sunday afternoon informing you that you no longer have a job. It sucks times ten during the holidays. Alas, such was the fate for the employees of our […]

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Peter Parker @ the Northwest Hops Traveling Beer Festival

Show Date: October 19, 2007

Some would say that Friday was a horrible day for an outdoor show. Fat raindrops were pelting down on the pavement. In North Seattle, there were even bouts of hail. Nonetheless, as traffic continued to congest and congeal on Denny east- and west- bound on this dark, dreary and rain-soaked Friday, band Peter Parker took […]

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Imaginary '02 Recap!

Hey kids! It’s the end of ’02, so welcome to the first ever Imaginary Recap. Hold onto your seats kids, it’s gonna be a bumpy year-long ride of favorite, in triplicate. Because the best things always happen in threes (ho ho ho…) {And yes, we have included shameless promotion links to our affliated Insound and […]

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Bumbershoot 2002: The Imaginary Highlights

Show Date: September 3, 2002

You remember when we did 14 shows in 14 nights? Hold on to your bonnet kids, at this year's Bumbershoot music festival — we witnessed 17 shows in four days. Following you will find a recap of the stuff we scribbled down in our trusty notebooks while running from venue to venue: Greatest Rockstar Moments: […]

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Peter Parker

Show Date: July 14, 2002

"This song is called 'Fanfare for the Common Man,' and it's for you guys!" declared Peter Parker frontman Matthew Parker. This song was played in ¾ count, an indie-rock waltz, a distorted, crescendo-ed waltz. It started off a bit plodding, ahhh, then it picked up, and away we go… Wait. Then it was plodding, plus […]

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