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WOWZA! Upcoming Recommended Shows: Ty Segall & White Fence, Oh Sees + more!

It’s almost the weekend and you might have the urge to rock out and escape this hellish political landscape for a minute. I know I do! Check out the amazing shows coming up this weekend AND BEYONDDD…   10/6 A Place to Bury Strangers at Clock-Out Lounge Will APTBS blow your eardrums out and replace […]

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Photoessay: A Place to Bury Strangers at the Crocodile

We've got some killer rock-portraitry shots from new imaginary photographer Jon Kaplan and his trip to the A Place to Bury Strangers / This Will Destroy You / Duster show last week at the Crocodile — check 'em out! It was a killer time, up to the brim with awesome — here's a few pics […]

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The Big Pink: it might get loud at Neumos Friday

Music from The Big Pink was the 1968 album from The Band. Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell know this, as their band’s website is Yet, The Big Pink, circa 2010 bears little resemblence to The Band of 1968, and sounds more like what might happen if My Bloody Valentine reveled in the mid-90s Blur/Oasis/Pulp Britpop scene, […]

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Shrie's favorite albums of 2009, NOT in a "Top Ten" list

I have come to really dislike putting together “Best Of” lists or year-ending spreadsheets of music that everyone has already heard. This time I’m gonna do it differently…Shrie -style! These are just a few albums/songs/artists that tickled my fancy and got some good stereo-play at our house. Some are indie critic darlings (and disliked by […]

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SXSW 2008 Superlatives: Part 1

Show Date: March 12, 2008

My goal of this year’s South By Southwest Festival (which ran from Wednesday, March 12 through Saturday night 2am, March 15) was to maximize my time and memory-making opportunities while still remaining fresh and wide-eyed for each performance. In other words, I didn’t want the 95 degree weather, (possible) over indulgence the night before, lack […]

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Holy Fuck & A Place to Bury Strangers

Show Date: February 26, 2008

Techno-electronica duo Holy Fuck hit my music radar a couple of months ago and I’ve been looking forward to catching them live since. Hailing from Toronto, Holy Fuck just finished touring with Super Furry Animals and are now on the road with A Place to Bury Strangers. I had missed their show in Seattle in […]

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