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Last night: Tullycraft! Interpol! The Pogues! WINDSTORM 2007! C'mon, spill some scoop

Last night not only had three of the most tempting live shows I've heard in quite awhile (Tullycraft! Interpol! The Pogues with Shane McGowan!), but also had the most dire weather warnings of the season, at least here in Seattle. Did you brave the elements and wander out to hear music? If so, who did […]

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Which albums must be heard on vinyl to fully appreciate?

Our imaginary household has recently acquired a kickass turntable and a decent pair of speakers, so we've spent many the evening geeking out with our (very small) pile of records. So many albums sound SO MUCH more extraordinary when spun on vinyl than via any other format. Needless to say, this means my fella and […]

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