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Starshine on the Devilwoods


Although The Preons have been a part of the Seattle music scene since the early days of this very website, the band waited until 2008 to release their first full-length album, Starshine on the Devilwoods. The long waiting period for the release is understandable when you take into consideration some of the challenges the band […]

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The Imaginary Live Show Rundown

Show Date: September 22, 2005

Featuring stellastarr*, Two Gallants, NW Film Forum Anniversary, Sameer Shukla, The Pharmacy and more. {as of September 22, 2005} Last Saturday's {September 17, 2005} stellastarr* show was a packed one at the ole Chop Suey. This is a good sign for our band from NYC, especially considering it was the same night as the KEXP […]

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The Preons, Tennis Pro, and Downpilot

Show Date: January 21, 2004

We don't want to give away *everything* that happens at an imaginary event, but there were several notable moments at the Preons, Tennis Pro and Downpilot imaginary showcase that simply can't go unpublished. Here are highlights better than the ones in igDana's hair… The Preons opened the night with their unique blending of male and […]

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The Feverpitch, Ravenna, and The Preons

Show Date: April 23, 2003

Ravenna admirably opened a Chop Suey Wednesday night with smooth pop-melodies made most notable by the vocal stylings of Shelby Earl. She rang with an incredible, clear (and clearly trained) voice, with nearly theatrical intensity and skill. I bet she starred in musicals when she was in high school. In fact, I bet Shelby was […]

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From Preons to Pris, of Stars and Stares

Show Date: February 23, 2003

It was a quadruple bill on a Sunday night, starring… The Preons The Guest Stars The Stares Pris The Preons The Preons might win the award for most- unexpected- opening- band- on- a-Sunday, in both the visual and musical subcategories. They whirled and thrilled like a circus, featuring not only your typical guitar-bass-drum-vocals, but also […]

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