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A Song for You: The Austin City Limits Story at the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival

SIFF 2016 Preview: Face the Music

We’re all VERY excited about SIFF o’er here in TIG-land, and most especially excited about the 2016 Face the Music screenings! The theme of this year is the all-mighty “Documentary,” featuring eight films that span genres from hip-indie tunes to ’60s hits, hard rock, and classical piano. Check out the history behind the longest-running music program in television history […]

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Newsmash: Thoughts about caucuses, favorite songs, and reasons to leave the house

Hello dear February and all that you’ve brought with you this week! Political things are kicking up and getting real with all kinds of insanity and importance. Have you caucused before? I remember the first caucus I went to back in 2004. Thank goodness I had the guide that our pal Lawrence put together for […]

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This is what it sounds like when Vikings cry? Prince scribes the Minnesota Vikings fight song

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to celebrate this thing called…football? Like something culled straight from of the “Say Whaaaaaaa?” files, the proprietor of Paisley Park has again pulled a one-two punch on his fan base and set his sights on a new horizon of sorts. Perhaps the heady combination of the gridiron, a big […]

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New releases for the week, from Easy Street Records

After many lean New Release Tuesdays, we finally have one with a bit of meat on its bones! Seattle labels have out a couple of hot releases: Barsuk releases John Vanderslice's Emerald City and it is just plain gorgeous! Sub Pop has put out Tiny Vipers Hands Across The Road. Jesy Fortino is Tiny Vipers […]

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Prince 1, Music Industry 0

Prince must really love the UK these days. Not only is he playing a long residency in London, but now he's giving away his new album Planet Earth for FREE in The Mail on Sunday. No, this isn't a sampler or live disc, this is the honest-to-goodness album. Yes, he's just giving away his album […]

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