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Santa John Roderick. Photo credit: Laura Duffy

I’d like to make the world a holiday mixtape…

This morning’s headlines made claim that a Christmas song by the Shins has overtaken Mariah Carey’s holiday anthem as the “the most played holiday song.” Although I love the Shins, their version of a Paul McCartney holiday song, and the idea of it being the #1 holiday song, I have to admit I’m a tad […]

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Princess Superstar loves Indie Rock Santa John Roderick {almost} as much as we do…

Here I am, just sitting here at work stressing out about end of year deadlines and I decide to click on a link to watch the brand-new Princess Superstar video, for her sure-to-be-a-holiday-classic song, “XMAS SWAGGER.”  I’ve long enjoyed PS for her kooky, white girl rap that lives up to her moniker since her debut […]

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