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Cupid Rhymes with Stupid

Show Date: February 14, 2003

A Very Crocodile V-Day synopsis: four bands, two imaginary girls, 148 photographs, three drinks, five cigarettes, and one torn-in-half heart on the mend. I’d like to start out with a reminder that "Cupid" rhymes with "stupid," which should give a clear picture as to how I really feel about Valentine’s Day. Or, at the very […]

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Goodbye to the Paradox Theater

Show Date: February 1, 2003

By Alisha and Summer {aka Honorary Imaginary All-Ages Correspondents} {imaginary aside: The Paradox Theater recently closed the doors to it's location on the Ave. But are they closing? NO! They are not closing. They are relocating. If you have any further questions, or want to volunteer, they're provided a handy FAQ about their future on […]

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