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The 2011 Sasquatch bill is un-frack-withable

{Sasquatch photo by asclepius6 from the Imaginary Flickr Photo Pool} Do you hear that? It is the sound of folks feverishly tweeting and posting about the amazing #Sasquatch line-up just announced. After weeks (who are we kidding, months!) of mathematically calculating probabilities based on tour schedules and record release dates, we finally have a firm […]

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This Sunday's Crafternoon: Letterpress a valentine and hear the new Radio Dept. first {free, all ages}

[video:] If you, like me, have always thought letterpress things are magic bits and imagined how cool it would be to make your own letterpress valentine, join us this Sunday to transform fancy blocks and ink and paper into a special sexy something for your super special someone (or something). On Sunday, January 23 from […]

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New Radio Dept album, limited edition vinyl, and a giveaway that makes me jump for joy

[video:] It’s been four years since the last Radio Dept album (a statistic that no one–especially you, me and the band–are pleased with), but thankfully the band has made sure the wait is worth it. The result is Clinging to a Scheme, an album that has been greeted with a flurry of hipster’s jumping up […]

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Labrador 100 – A Complete History Of Popular Music


When Sarah Records had their 100th record (actually just the 100th single), they held a huge party, a series of concerts, and shut down the label. Labrador Records of Sweden, who have been compared to Sarah, just released a 4 CD box set, and are carrying on, and on, and on. Not that Labrador is […]

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