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Plum St: Beauty and Dreams

Show Date: September 8, 2003

Poor Plum St.. It's hard to book a show for a Monday night. After all, rainy days and Mondays always get me down, it's Monday or forever, and I don't like Mondays. September 8, 2003 triumphed over this predisposed musical Monday adversity with an incredibly well-crafted line-up of melodic, mellow, melifluous, marvelous Monday music. And […]

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AstroPOP! for August 2003

Imaginary rock and roll astrology CD reviews for August 2003 Leo {July 23-August 22} Ah, summer! The long, hot days, the glare of the sun, the constant sweating. It's ok to admit it, Leo, you hate summer. You want to crawl into a hole dark and deep enough to beat the heat until we set […]

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The Feverpitch, Ravenna, and The Preons

Show Date: April 23, 2003

Ravenna admirably opened a Chop Suey Wednesday night with smooth pop-melodies made most notable by the vocal stylings of Shelby Earl. She rang with an incredible, clear (and clearly trained) voice, with nearly theatrical intensity and skill. I bet she starred in musicals when she was in high school. In fact, I bet Shelby was […]

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