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Aradia "Rock 4 Choice" Benefit

Show Date: December 10, 2003

I love women. I love women so much that if I were allowed to love only one thing for the rest of my life, it would most certainly be women. And I especially love women who like to rock (mostly because they are more likely to love me). It can therefore be easily concluded that […]

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TIG's Rockstar Buttrock Karaoke Contest!!

Show Date: August 30, 2003

Holy Aquanet, who would've thought that a buttrock event on a holiday weekend could have become such a smashing success?? With surprise rockstar performances, hottie rockstars in black liquid eyeliner, and TIG-endorsed drink specials a-flowin', we had the imaginary times of our lives, and we can't wait to tell you all about it… But first, […]

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Three Imaginary Girls Rockstar Buttrock Karaoke Party

You loved the karaoke party. You loved it so much… …that we're throwing another rockstar karaoke party, but we can't do it without our beloved imaginary friends. Not convinced? Our theme will certainly change your mind: We're having a buttrock rockstar karaoke party. So, dust off your imaginary air guitar and start growing out your […]

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Show Date: July 12, 2002

While Hells Belles were helling and belling on the main stage, I headed over to the Vera Stage, where another rockin' girl, Jessie S.K. and her band, Ripley, were performing a most solid set. Ripley is oft-compared to Throwing Muses, so I headed to the show in eager anticipation. And you know, I didn't find […]

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