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SIFF 2013 Preview: Face the Music

Hello, Imaginaries! This year’s Face the Music program at the Seattle International Film Festival contains some music documentaries I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT!!! You can buy passes to SIFF now, and inividual tickets go on sale this week on Thursday, 5/2. And so, let us (stage) dive in: First up: a few special events put […]

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Recommended Exhibit: Amazing photos of The Rolling Stones in 1972 at the EMP

Mick Jagger backstage at the Forum, Los Angeles, California 1972 | All images © copyright and courtesy Jim Marshall Photography LLC Since I know next-to-nothing about photography and famous photographers, I had never heard of Jim Marshall before I stepped into the new The Rolling Stones 1972, Photographs by Jim Marshall exhibit. (Obviously, though, I […]

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Favorite overplayed rock songs

In the world of Pitchfork and hipsters, it's not the coolest thing to like mainstream… well… anything. Independently run coffee shops, preferring Mac over Windows, vinyl vs. CD, buying unbelievably plain sweatshirts at American Apparel… it all seems to be the way of life. I'm not even going to say I don't fall into these […]

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Keith Richards pissed at poor review

Keith is angry at a Swedish newspaper for running a bad show review saying Richards was "superdrunk". Here's the full article: STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has demanded an apology from Swedish newspapers for their scathing reviews of the group's performance in the country earlier this month. Tabloids Expressen and Aftonbladet gave […]

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