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Sean Nelson (2008) / photo by: Victoria Uhl /

Sean Nelson – one of Seattle’s greatest treasures – leaves town. Boy, are we going to miss that guy.

Sean is a master writer, KEXP DJ, and speaker (and obvs lyricist and singer)… and he’s leaving us. Not for LA (which is where everyone else seems to be going). He’s headed for Nashville. And we couldn’t be happier or sadder… or more jealous of him.

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Imaginary Interview Quotes That Make My Heart Burst Will Sheff / Okkervil River (December 2003) Tegan Quin / Tegan & Sara (October 2004) Rhett Miller / Old 97s (October 2004) Cinerama and the Wedding Present / David Gedge (November 2003 / March 2012)

6 Imaginary Interview Quotes That Make My Heart Burst

Did you hear the news? June 2018 marks Three Imaginary Girls’ 16th birthday! We’re throwing a big New Wave Night party that will be imaginary to the max {performances with a live band, karaoke, a DJ dance party, a photo booth, and more!!!}. Please please please join us! {all the details} All this celebration {and […]

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Imaginary Keenan's navel-gazing 2013 wrap-up

2013 was one of the most challenging years of my adult life. I tackled a ridiculous amount of life and ALL CAPS FEELINGS all at once but somehow came out alive and mostly unscathed thanks to finally learning how to take care of myself. 2013 found me taking solace in music much more than the […]

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Sean Nelson at TIG's 2011 holiday party. Photo by: Victoria Uhl

Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Countdown: Sean Nelson

{photo: Victoria VanBruinisse} Even though Sean Nelson has been a fixture at many of our imaginary events, we still jumped up and down with excited glee and surprise when he agreed to be part of our Rockstar New Wave Karaoke night on Friday, June 1 at Chop Suey. It shouldn't be a surprise that he […]

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Robyn Hitchcock, Sean Nelson, & Johanna Kunin

Show Date: April 6, 2007

2007 is the year of the chanteuse. Female singer-songwriters have left the realm of the lesbian acoustic mellow predictability and have expanded in staggering directions, some to great effect, even for a "I'm not into female singer-songwriters" skeptic like me. From my personal favorites (Amy Winehouse, Nicole Atkins, Lily Allen, Heather Duby) to the ones […]

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Tonight's Recommended Show: Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3, Sean Nelson & His Mortal Enemies, Johanna Kunin at the Crocodile

Remember when you were in high school with your bedroom walls covered with REM posters and your Pre-Calc notebook covered with lines like "Talk about the passion" and "Miles Standish proud, congratulate me?"  Did you ever, in your wildest Quantum Leap dreams, think that you'd be in the same bar as Peter Buck? Yea, me […]

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