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'Tis the season for celebrated mythology: The Secret History of Rock 'N' Roll

Christopher Knowles is the author of the recently published book The Secret History of Rock ‘N’ Roll, which ties the rock-era music scene back to mystery cults formed “since the Stone Age.” Christmastime is a festive season when we party hard, glory vicariously in exciting fables, and when some of us even shove our mystified […]

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"My Way" by the Sex Pistols

There is something undeniably amazing about the Sex Pistols cover of Sinatra’s “My Way”. Sure, it is one of the few songs that Sid Vicious “sung”. I use quotation marks there because I don’t know if I can technically call what Sid does on the track as “singing” as such, but more of a caustic […]

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Guitar Hero 3 lets you master The Stone Roses and Sex Pistols!

I've actually never played Guitar Hero — but after perusing the list of songs that are featured in the recently released Guitar Hero 3, I might just be able to complete. Sure there's some stinkers on the list (one need only see the namesĀ Die Hoten TotenĀ and Slipnot to revert back to your original thought on […]

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It's 1977 all over again

Hopefully this will go better than the Police reunion, but the Sex Pistols will reunite for a one-off show. They will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols. All four original member will play (remember folks, Sid Vicious was not an original member and he'll […]

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