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IG Shrie's Top Ten Plus Plus!

2008 was an interesting musical, and personal, year for me. I listened to a lot of indie rock, electronica and went to a shit-ton of shows (one of which was the best I've ever seen, thanks Of Montreal). I got engaged, interned at two places, continued working full time and started going to school part […]

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Erik Gonzalez's best o' 2008

It has now been 2.5 years since I moved out of Seattle for the Golden State. I've slowly drifted out of the NW music culture, so sometimes I wonder if I know what to say on TIG these days. Combine that with the fact that I was so distracted from music for a lot of […]

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Tanglewood Numbers


If it's an uplifting time you're searching for, you ain't going to find it with your friends in the Silver Jews. Tanglewood Numbers is not gloomy as such, but a melancholy mood permeates the album. This turns out to be a pleasant change from the dance-rock obsessed world we exist in (well, the indie rock […]

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