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Sleeping in the Aviary -- Expensive Vomit in A Cheap Hotel

Expensive Vomit In A Cheap Hotel


Departing (if only slightly) from the irresistibly catchy punk ditties of their 2007 debut, Sleeping in the Aviary’s Expensive Vomit In A Cheap Hotel is a solid, genre-bending follow-up. Tossing accordion/saw player, Celeste Huele, into the mix, SITA have developed their sound into more of an indie-folk likeness, but that’s not to say they have […]

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Best of 2007: imaginary Dana's picks

I have so many favorites for 2007 that narrowing the lists was tricky. Plus I’m preggo as a house and have NO memory at this point, so I’m sure I’ve inadvertently omitted some really great releases and songs. Forgive me and my wacked out hormones. But that said, here are some Top of 2007 lists […]

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igAsh's favorite songs of 2007, with {some} free downloads!

I made a ‘Best of ’07’ compilation for coworkers and thought I’d share my picks with you, in no particular order. Hope you’ve got a little time to spare! All downloads have been posted with permission from the bands themselves. Thanks bands!   1. Nicole Atkins and the Sea: “The Way It Is” I think […]

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Elliott from Sleeping in the Aviary releases solo CD

Madison, Wisconsin's Sleeping In the Aviary released a stellar album earlier this year that was a hit here on TIG {review}, and now singer/guitarist Elliott Kozel is releasing a collection of solo work under the moniker She Is So Beautiful/She Is So Blonde. He has made two lovely songs available for download on his MySpace, […]

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TONIGHT! Sleeping in the Aviary at the Sunset

One of our collective sleeper-favorite-records-of-the year has to be Oh This Old Thing by Madison, Wisconsin’s Sleeping in the Aviary {review}. With the charming lo-fi hooks of the Thermals More Parts Per Million, the self-deprecating wit of Art Brut (sans the accent, of course), and the straight-ahead rockout cause you can sensibilities of the Buzzcocks, […]

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Betsy Boston's live show recap for 5/4/07

Show Date: January 18, 2021

It's been a busy week here in the east! Let's recap. Last Thursday night I made it over to new (and awesome!) Boston venue Hennessy's for a show featuring Tiny Whales, Big Digits, and Math the Band (sadly, I missed the first set by Crystal Understanding, but heard it was great). Three-piece Tiny Whales wore […]

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