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Hear it first: The disarming stories behind So Cow’s latest batch of discordant pop songs {TIG exclusive stream}

So Cow is (currently) the music project of Brian Kelly – who played all the instruments on So Cow’s latest release, Lisa Marie Airplane Tour (released on Jigsaw Records). As with any band who has survived 10 years and multiple releases – line-ups and locales have come, gone, and morphed. Brian currently resides in the […]

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Recommended show tonight: Coconut Coolouts, Dreamdate, So Cow, Sandy City at the Sunset

It sure is a gorgeous Monday! How else are you going to celebrate that, than with a rad show at the Sunset? I was introduced to Dreamdate, known as "East Bay pop sensations" by friends a few weeks ago, and found them to be perfectly up my alley, with two female singers harmonizing and a […]

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