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TIG Exclusive: Love lo-fi confessionals? Listen to the new Try The Pie album

I’m a sucker for lo-fi confessionals. Having someone more eloquent than myself detailing my own self-conscious inner dialogs comforts me and cushions my own nervous conclusions and assumptions. The new Try the Pie album, Rest, hits all those chords of hopes and fears and longing and lust. Imagine the minimalist beauty of early Kim Deal […]

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Keenan's Top 10 Songs of 2010 (with Videos)

It’s hard to believe 2010 is already over (which is probably why this list is so late), as it was one of the biggest and craziest years of my lifetime. I quit working full time to start a business with my fiance, and, as some of you know, mid-way through last year I decided it […]

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Athens Popfest roundup: 5 days of awesome

{a rare Popfest sight – an empty 40 Watt, by Rich Guiterrez} I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Athens Popfest is always the best week of the year for indie pop nerds, and this year was no exception. Think five days straight of raging shows, surrounded by so many old and new […]

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Athens Popfest 2010 lineup announced

Today is like Christmas morning for indie pop nerds. Today, I am giddy as hell because THE ATHENS POPFEST LINEUP HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! I’ve compared Athens Popfest before to indie pop summer camp, but basically, it’s the best week out of the year for anyone who loves indie pop. And this year {August 10-14, 2010}, […]

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Athens Popfest 2010 first lineup announcement!

{Robert Schneider from the Apples In Stereo from Athens Popfest 2008} We here at TIG have been crushing out over Athens Popfest for years. I’ve been every year since 2006 and Liz went in 2005 and 2007. It’s pretty much always the best week of the year, fusing together amazing indie pop, delicious food (seriously, […]

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San Francisco Popfest: Day 3 {Saturday Afternoon}

Show Date: May 23, 2009

Welcome to Day 3! After the craziness of Friday night, hardcore attendees had two shows to make it to, one in the afternoon at San Francisco's oldest bar, House of Shields, and another evening show at the Rickshaw Stop. Here's our thoughts on the early show, featuring Sourpatch, Champagne Riot, and Gregory Webster! SL: Although […]

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