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Some of our must-sees for Bumbershoot 2012 {Sept. 1-3}

There's plenty to dig into at this year's Bumbershoot Music Festival outside of the big-draw acts (Gotye, anyone?) that make the daily ticket price well worth every hard-earned dollar you're going to spend. There's an impressive comedy lineup, KEXP's always-awesome "secret" Music Lounge, endless vendors, and the sunny goodness of the Seattle Center grounds — […]

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Does appoggiatura make you cry?

After Adele’s performance at the Grammy Awards, the Wall Street Journal ran an article scientifically explaining why her winning song “Someone Like You” brings so many listeners to tears. Apparently, all it takes to make people cry is something called “appoggiatura.” Throw a few of these ornamental notes on top of emotionally charged lyrics, and […]

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