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"So instead of wish fufillment, we get an acknowledgment of our wish." -J. Niimi, Murmur ( 33 1/3 book series) Denver Dalley plays guitar for Conor 'Twinkling Peepers' Oberst's side project the Desaparecidos. Denver lives in Omaha, and is friends with all the angry weeping oversexed boys there who tuck themselves under the wing of […]

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AstroPOP! for August 2003

Imaginary rock and roll astrology CD reviews for August 2003 Leo {July 23-August 22} Ah, summer! The long, hot days, the glare of the sun, the constant sweating. It's ok to admit it, Leo, you hate summer. You want to crawl into a hole dark and deep enough to beat the heat until we set […]

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