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20 words each on 11 of the Best Releases of 2010

{Shabazz Palaces photo from the Three Imaginary Girls Flickr Pool by Jason Tang} Through sheer quirk of fate and possibly my own fatally quirky tastes, the top spots for my four favorite records of the year were given to two separate EPs by two different bands. I’m going to start my Top 20 of 2011 list […]

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Sounds Familyre releases album by long-time underground artist

Glen Galloway, of noise-gospel avatars Soul Junk, said of Dan Zimmerman, “Think about when you found all those Scott Walker albums, all those R. Stevie Moore tapes. There’s a personality preserved in its own space, an old friend you knew nothing about …” You probably haven’t heard of Dan Zimmerman, whose full-length Cosmic Patriot is […]

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I'm Not There Soundtrack


It's been quite a couple of weeks for I'm Not There. First, Cate Blanchett earned a nomination for best supporting actress for her rendition of a young Dylan. And then later that day we learned of the untimely death of one the film’s amazingly talented stars, Heath Ledger.  I’d love to write about the whole […]

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Tales from a Brave Ulysses

XIV. "Quiet Fights with Hemingway's Fame" A couple sits across from me in a café. While peering over Times and tea, I watch them quietly fight. They don't speak, they just ignore the hard gestures of each other. "You're a bastard," says a reaching arm. "Fuck yourself," say long fingers, holding teacups. Quiet fights are […]

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