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Photo Essay: Tapes 'n Tapes, Wild Light, and Fences light up the stage at Neumo's

Show Date: January 20, 2009

If I had to pick one photograph to sum up the Tapes 'n Tapes show at Neumo's on Tuesday, this would be the one. It's got all the same elements their set had — bright, contrasty, noisy; kind of blown out, in the middle of everything that's happening, screaming, big guitars, and even a little […]

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Bumbershoot 2008: Day 2

Show Date: August 31, 2008

Sometimes a picture says a 1,000 words. If that’s the case, then we’ve got a whole lot to say about the rock and roll goodness that was Day 2 of Bumbershoot 2008, as captured by photographers Chona Kasinger, Andrew Waits, Nathan Feder, and Kyle Johnson. Our coverage includes reviews of Tapes N’ Tapes, the Saturday […]

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Tapes N Tapes

Show Date: May 5, 2007

Friday’s Tapes 'n Tapes show at Neumo's was my fourth show in six days and I was beat. My ears hurt, I was tired, and I was having a harder time holding my drink with each successive show. That being said, there was no way I was going to miss Tapes 'n Tapes. I saw […]

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Best. Headline. Ever.

Check out the best headline I've possibly ever seen, brought to us by the amazing Tiny Mix Tapes: Is that Santorum in your mouth or are you just happy that bands like Dinosaur Jr., The Rapture, and Man Man are playing Urban Outfitters in-store concerts? The article is fantastic too, detailing the exciting news that […]

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Live at KEXP: Volume 2


There are two things a great compilation album can accomplish: it can either round up the best songs from important bands, either established or emerging (or both), or it can be a statement in itself. That statement could represent a different place (maybe where the music comes from, or maybe the utopia it wants to […]

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