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Imaginary Interview Quotes That Make My Heart Burst Will Sheff / Okkervil River (December 2003) Tegan Quin / Tegan & Sara (October 2004) Rhett Miller / Old 97s (October 2004) Cinerama and the Wedding Present / David Gedge (November 2003 / March 2012)

6 Imaginary Interview Quotes That Make My Heart Burst

Did you hear the news? June 2018 marks Three Imaginary Girls’ 16th birthday! We’re throwing a big New Wave Night party that will be imaginary to the max {performances with a live band, karaoke, a DJ dance party, a photo booth, and more!!!}. Please please please join us! {all the details} All this celebration {and […]

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Bumbershoot 2013 lineup announced!

We're going to go out on a limb here: the Bumbershoot announcement was released yesterday, and seriously you guys, it might be one of the best festivals of the summer. Sasquatch! is always a party, and Pickathon will be a one-of-a-kind experience — but the lineup for this year's Bumbershoot seriously knocked it out of […]

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Kyle Johnson's Top Ten Live Music Photos of 2008 {taken by fellow Seattle photographers}

Editor's note: Seattle has some of the most picturesque vistas (most of which are found within local clubs like Chop Suey and the Comet Tavern). It's no surprise that TIG photographer Kyle Johnson has a stack of photos he loves that have been taken by some of Seattle's finest photographers. (Here's a recap of Kyle's […]

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Flickr photo(s) of the day: Sasquatch faves

We had loads of Sasquatch photos posted to the TIG Sparkly Indie-Pop Photos pool. Some look super-duper pro, others look like snapshots from fans having a blast. We selected a smattering of our faves to share with you here. You can check out the rest by visiting Flickr at the link above. The Blakes. Photo […]

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Tegan and Sara with Northern State

Show Date: December 3, 2007

Picture a mix of Team Gina +1, a significantly less raunchy Peaches, and the Beastie Boys on mad estrogen, and you have the makings of Brooklyn band Northern State. Named after the very parkway located on Long Island (as my NY indigenous buddy recounted), the rappy three piece ("Spero,” “Sprout,” and “Hesta Prynn”) hopped, paced, […]

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New releases for the week, from Easy Street Records

Seattle's wunderkinds of syntho-electric instrumental moodiness has a brand new record out today. Sleepy Eyes of Death celebrated the release of Street Lights For A Ribcage last Saturday night with a show at the Croc. Their live shows incorporate tons of smoke, lights, visual stimulations, and of course beats! They don't have any others shows […]

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