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Happy 14th Birthday

Happy 14 Years of Imaginary Fun!

Happy 14th birthday to Three Imaginary Girls! It’s so crazy to think our year-long batch of 10-year birthday celebrations was actually 4 years ago (back in 2012). I feel like those events (the shows, karaoke party, poster retrospective show, photography exhibit, ice cream social, the crafternoon, film screening, infographic, zine publishing, etc.) were just last […]

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The Catch Reunite

The Catch to reunite {for just one show} and make some of our imaginary dreams come true

You know those bands that capture your heart and whose songs auto-trigger some of your happiest memories? The Catch is that band for many on the imaginary team. Their story is the stuff of legend.  When banded, Carly Nicklaus, Alissa Newton, Jenny Jimenez and Amy Rockwell were a force to be reckoned with from the […]

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Get your copy of the {very limited edition} Imaginary Zine!

If you don't have a copy of the zine yet (or you want to buy another!), you can order online for immediate USPS delivery.  The zine is limited run of 333 copies (the back cover does not lie), so buy yours soon! The Imaginary Zine is a 60-page old school printed zine recounting our first […]

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Gosling Tennis Pro larger

Recommended Show: Tennis Pro rocks it Japan style at Chop Suey {2/8}

Gosling pretty much says it all. Tennis Pro is playing on Wednesday, February 8 at Chop Suey with two Japanese bands with perfect rock-and-roll names: Troll 8 (also the owner of Chop Suey's band) and Gnosis  – plus, The Terrordactyls, who also hail from Seattle, and post pictures of sad pizza. Oh, and they also […]

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Shimokita Is Dead


Usually when a band gets down to business time it isn’t always fun: it can be a release of pent up disappointments and missed chances. But Tennis Pro do a complete 180 degree breakdance spin and, instead, throw a party of a record. And their world domination just means fun for everyone at that party. […]

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Win Tickets to We Wrote the Book on Connectors' Sweet Dreams Prom Night

On Friday night, three very imaginary bands are playing what is billed as “Sweet Dreams Prom 2009” at the Crocodile. It’s headlined by We Wrote the Book on Connectors, a fun rock band that will write a song about you if you pay them $18. They’re a riot live, which their set consists of playing a […]

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