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Heavy rotation: new Lemolo, new Young Evils, and more

Let's jump right in: I'm torn between starting this post with "this Lemolo album is seriously haunting me" and "Lemolo could totally beat up your favorite synth-y indie dream-core band" because they're both true. In the case of the former, I find myself humming harmonies absentmindedly at varying points in my days and nights, wondering […]

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album raises new and troubling questions


Earlier this year, Seattleites had to make a somewhat heartbreaking decision on which performance to attend – in something akin to a mini music-festival, Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer, Das Racist, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and They Might Be Giants were all playing on the same night at different venues. I was at the Gaiman/Palmer gig, […]

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The prettiest vinyl I've ever seen…

I had a low-key Sunday writing nearly-overdue thank-you notes (which is actually quite fun because you get to gush to your friends about how great they are), sipping copious amounts of tea, and pulling an afternoon soundtrack from the most recently acquired vinyl in the stack. Near the top of the stack was the debut […]

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