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Tokyo Police Club at the Henry Fonda Theatre, LA

Show Date: September 18, 2008

Listening to them on record, Canadian indie rock band Tokyo Police Club sound like they'd be the quintessential live act —  all of their songs are upbeat, catchy, and oftentimes so fast that they're over in under 3 minutes.  Thus I was hardly surprised at how much fun their set at the Henry Fonda in […]

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Tokyo Police Club at Neumo's

Show Date: May 18, 2008

I believe the City of Seattle has the safety of their citizens in mind when they initiated “Operation Sobering Thought.” I believe it was wise and prudent for the mayor to ask for regulations that allow his office to suspend nightclub permits without a hearing. I believe that the City was concerned solely with being […]

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New releases from Easy Street Records

Not a ton of new releases this week, but we've got a couple of goodies! Flight of The Conchords' self-titled full-length release is out and it's soooo good! I love that great music can come from a comedy troup/band. Take note, Seattle's Black Daisy! Atmosphere has a new record out with a great title/moto/mantra (if […]

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Elephant Shell


The great thing about TPC is that they are perpetually like a new boyfriend or girlfriend: when you listen to their songs, you just feel plain excited and love them for what they are, and don’t immediately associate them with some other band. Lead singer/bassist David Monks’ vocals are halfway between drunken slurring and a […]

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Song of the UK, NME style

So, we've become fond here at TIG of recapping the goings-on on the NME UK pop charts, but really, how meaningful is it when most of us have no idea who the bands are in the first part? I mean, does it mean anything to you if you read that the number 5 song is […]

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