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Best news of the day: Magnetic Fields are coming to Seattle

As imaginary keenan reported last week, there’s a new Magnetic Fields album headed our way on January 26, 2010 {thanks to Nonesuch Records}. And as we speculated {and crossed all our fingers for}, the band will hit the road in support of Realism in February and March! Get your credit card ready… tickets are on […]

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Dead Science's Jherek Bischoff's 30th Birthday Concert to feature 40 piece orchestra

Seattle’s avant-pop/punk-jazz innovator Jherek Bischoff knows how to throw a 30th birthday paty for himself — and put on a great big show for us!  Bischoff, of The Dead Science, Parenthetical Girls, Ribbons, 30th Birthday Concert is taking place at Seattle’s Town Hall on Friday, September 11th. The show will feature a 40-piece orchestra, playing 13 compositions.  Here’s the bio […]

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Imaginary Interview: Jason Webley

On July 3rd, Jason Webley will mark his eleventh anniversary as one of Seattle’s most committed troubadours. From his beginnings as a local street performer known for his playful, theatrical, participatory performances to touring the world, becoming a minor celebrity in Russia and playing with big name artists like The Dresden Dolls, Regina Spektor and […]

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How to treat a Valentine's Day hangover

Looking for something to do "The Day After" Valentine's day? An activity to further woo that special date or lick the wounds from? I bring you… Accordi-O-Rama II: Another Squeezebox Spectacular, the sequel to last year's smash success, features accordionists from several cultural perspectives. I don't really recognize any of the evening's performers beyond that […]

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The Magnetic Fields make the sad songs more sincere

Show Date: March 7, 2008

The Magnetic Fields hold a special kind of magic for me. The band's epic three-disc set 69 Love Songs will always top my Favorite Albums Of All Time list; the menagerie of songs within are so delectably miserable, playful, heartful, poignant, ridiculous and wonderful, sometimes all at once, and together they saw me and my […]

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People Talking and Singing and Laughing and Reading and Supporting a Worthy Cause and…

Show Date: November 8, 2007

If the people at 826 Seattle know how to do anything, it’s throw a party/fundraiser. If they know how to do two things, it’s that party/fundraiser thing, and also how to teach kids how to read and write better. People Talking and Singing is that event, although they might want to add “Laughing” to the […]

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Magnetic Fields tickets on sale TODAY (special pre-sale awesomeness)

Our friends in the Magnetic Fields just emailed us to give us the super secret skinny on procuring tickets for their upcoming February/March, 2008 tour… go buy your tickets NOW!!! If you haven't joined their email list already, go do that first to access the pre-sale specialness. (I'd offer more commentary, but I'm too busy […]

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