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Bono loves freedom

To be filed under Feel Good News About Rock and Roll Icons, U2 frontman and chronic do-gooder Bono has been awarded the Liberty Medal, an award that is given annually and that "recognizes leadership in the pursuit of freedom." Bono joins past winners including Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, and Nelson Mandela (who our president mistakenly […]

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Which albums must be heard on vinyl to fully appreciate?

Our imaginary household has recently acquired a kickass turntable and a decent pair of speakers, so we've spent many the evening geeking out with our (very small) pile of records. So many albums sound SO MUCH more extraordinary when spun on vinyl than via any other format. Needless to say, this means my fella and […]

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MTV continues to scare me

I know you've all been waiting for it and here it is: MTV has announced the nominees for its annual suck-up-fest, the Video Music Awards! Rather than post them all here, I'll let you visit the slick MTV website that caused my browser to be unhappy, but I'll make a few comments for my… er… […]

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"God Part II" by U2

I submit to the TIG community: is "God Part II" U2 at its most self-righteous? It's tricky as amongst modern rock bands, who can claim to be as self-righteous as U2? Not that this is necessarily a bad thing – U2 wouldn't be the band it is (was?) if they, and specifically Bono, wasn't so […]

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Dear Hillary, if you really want the youth vote …

The good Senator from the state of New York, Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, is currently busy picking potential campaign songs. Remember, her husband (aka former President Bill Clinton) had a stroke of Adult Contemporary genius back when he ran in 1992 by picking Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow". Well, what's in Hillary's list […]

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Maybe Peter Parker was Irish

In the realm of bizarro world, U2 will be helping Julie Taymor make a Spiderman musical. I really can't believe I just typed that sentence. U2 has some experience with musicals as Bono & the Edge did write some music for a musical version of A Clockwork Orange (for those of you who remember the […]

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Another famous guitar on eBay

In case you weren't able to get your hands on David Gedge's guitar a few weeks back, we've found another one for ya: own the guitar The Edge used to record "New Years Day." No big whoop.  Bidding opens at a measly $30,000. A small price to pay for a piece of musical history. The […]

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