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Bumbershoot 2017 Day 2: I Love You Tuba Gooding J.R.!

Show Date: September 2, 2017

After some much needed rest and guitar noodling, it was back to the Seattle Center for me for Day 2 of Bumbershoot! Maybe my back would hurt less today? Hot tip: It didn’t. Shelby Earl From the moment her set started, Shelby Earl had the rapt attention of the KEXP Gathering Space. Her new album’s […]

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Imaginary Linkage: Stuff We Spied Online This Week {2/4-2/10}

Aw, how romantic. Send some heartwarming messages to your valentine via The Mountain Goats + Movies Tumblr.  Portlandia (yay!) nails how imaginary moms would approach the problem of insufficient indie-rock in preschools.  Drunk(ish) comic book history: aka John Landis's son, Max, schools us on The Death and Rebirth of Superman (with the help of his […]

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Bumbershoot 2010: Photo highlights

Show Date: September 4, 2010

Weezer at the Bumbershoot Main Stage.The band sounded great and played what we needed to hear from the Blue album, but what kept everyone in the stadium excited was the “where is Rivers” game as he danced and ran through the crowd, climbing on top of portable buildings andup and down the stadium bleachers, with […]

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Weezer "Pork and Beans" video

I'm struggling with where Weezer is in their career. The last couple albums have mostly passed me by without an impression, save for the mostly awful singles the band released. The newest single, "Pork and Beans," is another example of a song full of the signature Weezer sound — but lacking the wit of the […]

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Weezer go red…

Weezer have announced details about their next album (release date June 24, 2008) and get this… the album is going to be self-titled! Yes, for the third time in their six-album history, they will go all self-titled, and round out their primary color scheme theme (having done blue, green, and now red). I'm still debating […]

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Guitar Hero 3 lets you master The Stone Roses and Sex Pistols!

I've actually never played Guitar Hero — but after perusing the list of songs that are featured in the recently released Guitar Hero 3, I might just be able to complete. Sure there's some stinkers on the list (one need only see the names Die Hoten Toten and Slipnot to revert back to your original thought on […]

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The Top 5 Music Videos Featuring Puppets has recently listed the "Top 5 Music Videos featuring Puppets":   5. Supergrass “Pumping On Your Stereo”   4. Lily Allen “Alfie”   3. Genesis “Land of Confusion”   2. Weezer “Keep Fishin’”   1. Mr. Oizo “Flat Beat”   These are all awesome (except for the creepy Genesis one). Are there any missing?

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