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Heavy rotation: new Lemolo, new Young Evils, and more

Let's jump right in: I'm torn between starting this post with "this Lemolo album is seriously haunting me" and "Lemolo could totally beat up your favorite synth-y indie dream-core band" because they're both true. In the case of the former, I find myself humming harmonies absentmindedly at varying points in my days and nights, wondering […]

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Imaginary roadtrip, Chicago edition: two nights of Wrens!

Show Date: June 24, 2009

Chicago is, without a doubt, my kind of town. Purchasing a plane ticket to spend two nights with the Wrens at Schubas may very well have been the best decision I’ve made in the last several years. The shows were mind-bogglingly wonderful, the band was both seamless and deconstructed, the sound was just right, and […]

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New Wrens track!

Okay, I know I wrote about loving Pablo Trucker, and I tend to gush about every band being my new favorite band, but the Wrens really are my favorite everything (all the time). Permanently. Along with the Frames, they're at the top of every list I make, every heavy rotation, every top ten, every everything. […]

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The Wrens in NYC

Show Date: January 24, 2004

When I first heard about The Wrens, I was curious — a band from New Jersey that I'd never heard of? AND they have albums titled The Meadowlands and Secaucus (one is a stadium, the other is a town)? How could I have missed that? I am pretty down with the scene, I love both […]

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