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Scotch Hog


Scotch Hog, the new record by Seattle band Your Favorite Book, might not turn heads for its production prowess or snazzy social networking skills, but that’s exactly what makes it so compelling. In the wake of recent marketing and friendly schmooze-fests out there, YFB’s understated acumen charms listeners with simplicity and authenticity. The band has […]

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From the imaginary mailbins

This weekend we finally had a chance to plow through the imaginary mailbins and find some mailbin treasure. While we'd love to tell you about every CD we received, the list would be waaaaay too long. But we do want to share all the new Northwest releases that have come our way — we had […]

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TIG on KEXP for October 2005

It's been eight months since our first monthly KEXP guest appearance on Audioasis and we'd been wondering when we'd get paired with the illustrious Sean Nelson. This month it finally happened. It was everything we hoped for — a full hour of chatty catching up between friends with microphones and music. In short, it was […]

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