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Here we go, Austin! Here we go! *clap!* *clap!*

Yup. There sure are a lot of exclamation points up in that headline, and with good cause: we're heading off for Austin City Limits this weekend, to catch some bands and some tan in the near-hundred-degree sun. Between pre-trip laundering, hydrating, charging our camera batteries and getting all that three-ounce-or-less business handled for the flight, […]

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Imaginary road trip: Austin City Limits journal, part III

Show Date: October 4, 2009

{Make sure to check out part I and part II of our imaginary look back at Austin City Limits!} By the end of a multi-day music event, things are always kind of ‘old hat’ for me. There’s been countless laps around the area to find good parking spots, extensive navigation of the stages and amenities, […]

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