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Deep SIFF: Meet Monica Velour

“Basically, I told her I want to blow Samantha Jones into tiny little pieces” Keith Bearden, the writer and director of the often very funny new film Meet Monica Velour told me in an interview. By “her”, he was, of course, referring to Kim Catrall, who plays Samantha Jones in the now much-maligned “Sex and the […]

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Deep SIFF: Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, Rebel

In the fascinating and thorough new documentary Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, Rebel, you don’t learn much about the larger-than-life, octogenarian character who spends most of his time in his pajamas and dates women who are at least half a century younger than he is. What you do learn about is a very smart and thoughtful […]

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Imaginary Interview: SIFF

If you’ve been to TIG any time over the past twenty days or so, you’ve noticed that the Seattle International Film Festival is one of our favorite events. Some 400+ short and feature films will have been screened by the time the whole thing wraps up on Sunday by giving out the Golden Space Needle […]

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Deep SIFF: Wheedle's Groove

You could probably be forgiven if the first time you thought of Seattle as having a vibrant music scene was when MTV first aired “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Thanks to an engrossing new documentary from first time feature director Jennifer Maas called Wheedle’s Groove that just played at the Seattle International Film Festival, you learn […]

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SIFF Take: Cherry

Cherry centers around Aaron, a seventeen year old freshman at some unnamed Ivy League university. He’s sensitive and smart but still in his awkward teenage years. Typical college behavior ensues as he discovers alcohol and women (including the gorgeous, but older, Linda; problems are complicated when her troubled teenage daughter Beth discovers Aaron). Soon, his […]

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SIFF Take: Beyond Ipanema

Beyond Ipanema isn’t a documentary about the excellent Brazilian music that people in the US should know about, it’s about the Brazilian music that Americans already know about, mostly. In 90 minutes, director Guto Barro tries to tell the story of how a lot of Brazilian artists are revered in the west while their home country is […]

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Deep SIFF: The Dry Land

For well over a century and going soon into two, people have accepted the common phrase “war is hell” as a universal truth. While likely true, we don’t often talk about what affect war has on people individually once a war is over. That is the central issue surrounding Ryan Piers Williams’ thrilling, post-war character […]

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Deep SIFF: A Little Help

Laura Pehlke has a life that looks good on paper in A Little Help, an engrossing dramedy from director Michael J. Weithorn that just made its world premiere at the Seattle Film Festival recently. Jenna Fischer is Laura, a dental hygenist whose marriage isn’t going well. She’s married to Bob (Chris O’Donnell), a real estate […]

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SIFF Take: Amplified Seattle

Amplified Seattle is a compliment to Lynn Shelton’s forthcoming $5 Cover: Seattle MTV web series and is best viewed as an introduction to Seattle music. It is made up of fourteen vignettes (thirteen different artists and one on Shelton) cramped into just under an hour. There are some great, revealing moments like the profile of […]

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