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Richard Thompson photo courtesy of his website.

Richard Thompson’s mini-residency at the Triple Door {May 16-18, 2017}

See Richard Thompson as he plays solo/acoustic for three consecutive nights at the Triple Door in Seattle – May 16-18, 2017 {get tickets / more info}. Close your eyes next week when the incomparable Richard Thompson plays “1952 Vincent Black Lightning.” You’ll swear there are 3 guitar players. You’ll melt at the love story, at […]

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Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Show Date: September 10, 2013

Three key words from Jason Isbell’s nigh-on triumphant set at Neumos last Tuesday night: benzodiazapine, codeine, and Pedialyte. Oh, and the liquor cart from the set opener, “Flying Over Water,” a new, gorgeous song that helped define the tarnished glow of Isbell’s new album, Southeastern. The chemicals swirled in Isbell's songs, as they have in […]

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The Moondoggies and The Cave Singers at the Showbox

Show Date: November 5, 2010

You can guess the ambience in the Showbox on an early November Friday night, especially once you add key details like these: The Moondoggies were holding down the second slot on a 3-band bill, prepping the crowd for the Cave Singers as both bands warm their engines for road swings. Yes, there was rain – […]

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You too can be the roaring night: The Besnard Lakes on 5/6 at the Crocodile

[video:] The psych-rock wash of “Like The Ocean, Like the Innocent” (in 2 parts, no less) will soak you promptly as you begin to spin The Besnard Lakes newest, Are the Roaring Night. Montreal-born, the quartet sprawls, using tones and textures as a lulling device before they come blasting out, laggard and blistering in a […]

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Crazy Rhythms / The Good Earth


As their first salvo, “The Boy with Perpetual Nervousness” summed up the Feelies succinctly. The opening wood-block clicks, the ensuing chatter of percussion against the jangly guitars, and the jittery pace announced something otherwise unheard before. Yes, Crazy Rhythms, the New Jersey quartet’s 1980 debut, sounded like the Velvet Underground, but with everything sped up. […]

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