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Not Your Regular Grandpa: Grampall Jookabox

Show Date: November 14, 2008

There is not much left to tell about PWRFL Power. Myriad articles, interviews, and reviews, about the spoof singer-songwriter creation of Japanese Seattle transplant turned New York denizen Kaz Nomura, from both the local arena and national level, seem to be created at the same rate as his constant stage appearances. This particular Friday night […]

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Bumbershoot 2008: Battles

Show Date: September 1, 2008

Almost a year ago, I checked out this band called Battles merely on their high recommendations from friends. What I witnessed at Neumo's completely blew my mind away, something I could not have prepared for beforehand–to the point, they were my vote for the Best Show in 2007. Imagine my anticipation when I discovered they […]

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Bumbershoot 2008: Saul Williams

Show Date: August 30, 2008

"This is the future," I thought to myself as a silver suited guitarist, part Vampire-part Blade keyboardist, and a yellow and red warrior whose weapons consisted of a beatbox, rewired toys, and various other electric contraband, took the stage. Fashion aside, the trio were bombarding us with deep rumbling bass and glitched out electronic noises. […]

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Bumbershoot 2008: 50 Years of Film Polski

How many different uses could one room house? This premise was tested in the opening film of Antologia Polski: 50 Years of Polish Animation, demonstrating Poland's bizarre, somewhat dark, avant-garde artistic outlet through 45 minutes of animated film shorts. In the first feature titled Tango, we see a room containing a crib, table and chairs, […]

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Bumbershoot 2008: The Seattle-Tehran poster show

  When you need a refuge from all the crowded thoroughfares, the visual art displays nestled in the air conditioned Northwest Rooms are the elbow room places for you. This year's offerings feature two exhibits on the hot topic of the Middle East, ripe with juxtaposition. While we have the luxury of seeing show posters […]

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Rockers with day jobs, just like us!

The tabloids can become a bit silly with their far reaching attempts to illustrate a celebrity's lifestyle as compared to an average Joe's. I mean, c'mon, are you really that surprised to see Barack Obama riding a bike or shocked to find out the sexy starlet isn't so when the make up and push-up bras […]

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Capitol Hill Block Party 2008: Past Lives

Show Date: July 25, 2008

Before any announcements or rumors were made, I could read all over The Blood Brothers’ Capitol Hill Block Party 2007 performance that the end was near; six months later it was official. One thing the decade-long band did right was seamlessly blend the best elements of pop and punk, and not in a cheesy pop-punk […]

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