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SIFF Take: Yes I Can See Dead People

Being an Asian Horror film fan has its rewards and its problems – the main issue being that many of them tend to employ the same type of scare: ghosts with long, stringy face-covering hair that crawl towards their victims while making loud guttural cries. Yes I Can See Dead People doesn’t suffer from this […]

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SIFF Take: The Hurt Locker

I was originally apprehensive about The Hurt Locker as I tend to avoid all things involving war (in order to also avoid emotional overload), but I am a Kathryn Bigelow fan, and boy howdy does that lady know how to make a film. The plot is thus: Bravo Company heads out each day in war-torn […]

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SIFF Take: The Merry Gentleman

  The Merry Gentleman starts out with troubled assassin Frank Logan (Michael Keaton) finding himself unexpectedly saved one night when he spies battered-wife-in-hiding Kate Frazier (Kelly MacDonald). The two quickly form a close relationship, even without knowing each other’s secrets. There’s an undertone of mystery here, but the core of this film is the importance […]

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SIFF Take: I’m Gonna Explode

Starting out with a revenge fantasy, Voy a explotar quickly gained my interest only to lose it soon after the two troublemakers met. Roman's (Juan Pablo de Santiago) scarred from his mother's death and blames his dad for everything wrong with his life, and Maru's (Maria Deschamps) missing a dad and on the path to […]

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SIFF Giveaway: Free Tickets to 3 Films

I am currently holding 3 pairs of tickets to the following films in my hands: Hansel & GretelPlaying tomorrow night, 5/27 at the Neptune, 9:15pm Carmo, Hit the RoadPlaying Thursday, 5/28 at Uptown Cinema, 9:30pm The Headless WomanPlaying Friday, 5/29 at the Harvard Exit, 7pm Want ‘em? I’ll give them away to the first three […]

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SIFF Take: Paper Heart

  I won’t lie: I knew I was going to love this film within the first 5 minutes, and they hadn’t even shown Michael Cera yet. That’s because Charlyne Yi (Chuck) is just as lovable, awkward and adorable as he is. No surprise, since the two are boyfriend & girlfriend in real life. Instead of […]

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SIFF Take: The Beast Stalker

So here’s the thing, I was unsure about The Beast Stalker in the beginning (felt more like a TV show about cops than an action movie at first), but I got totally sucked in as soon as the intense car chase started. Screenwriter Jack Ng weaves a more intricate story than you’d expect into a […]

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SIFF Opening Night: A Play in 5 Acts

(AKA: Yet another SIFF Opening Night that was awesome & tons of fun) Act 1In which I arrive at The Paramount to meet Hanna & ChrisB and immediately regret my dress choice. Full skirt + wind = imminent wardrobe malfunction. Act 2In which we are herded like cattle into the theater, find decent seats, and […]

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