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SIFF Opening Night: A Play in 5 Acts

(AKA: Yet another SIFF Opening Night that was awesome & tons of fun) Act 1In which I arrive at The Paramount to meet Hanna & ChrisB and immediately regret my dress choice. Full skirt + wind = imminent wardrobe malfunction. Act 2In which we are herded like cattle into the theater, find decent seats, and […]

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SIFF 2009 Box Office: Officially Open

The box office is open! I repeat: the box office is open! One of the things I appreciate about technology is that the SIFF ticket-buying process has improved immensely over the years. They have a kick-ass web site where you can order tickets for a more-than-reasonable fee ($1 a ticket, as opposed to the $8-10 […]

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Wanna be the next Lynn Shelton?

Thanks to Screenings in the Rain: Tall Beers and Short Shorts, you've got a chance. This sounds pretty awesome: a new night at Chop Suey dedicated to showcasing local filmmaker's talent and creativity, put together by local photographer Katie Izak. Now she just needs submissions. The details: Films do not need to be filmed locally, […]

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