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SIFF Take: Inju, The Beast in the Shadow

I’m sure when most people think of Director Barbet Schroeder, they think of Barfly or Reversal of Fortune. I, however, always think of the kitschy, over-the-top Jennifer Jason Leigh ham-fest Single White Female (which I find to be hilarious – how can you not love death by stiletto?). That said, Inju probably has more in […]

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SIFF Take: True Adolescents

  Writer & Director Craig Johnson makes an impressive debut with True Adolescents – showing off Washington’s beautiful scenery and exploring the life of Seattle slacker/wannabe rock star Sam (played expertly by local fave Mark Duplass). Sam’s luck can’t get much worse. His band can’t pack a bar with an audience, his girlfriend tosses him […]

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SIFF Take: Zombies of Mass Destruction

  If there was a perfect crowd to see ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction with, it was definitely at last night’s screening. The audience was packed with people who made ZMD – actors & crew, director and producer – and also with true lovers of the Zombie genre. The story centers on gay couple Tom […]

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SIFF Take: Yes I Can See Dead People

Being an Asian Horror film fan has its rewards and its problems – the main issue being that many of them tend to employ the same type of scare: ghosts with long, stringy face-covering hair that crawl towards their victims while making loud guttural cries. Yes I Can See Dead People doesn’t suffer from this […]

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SIFF Take: The Hurt Locker

I was originally apprehensive about The Hurt Locker as I tend to avoid all things involving war (in order to also avoid emotional overload), but I am a Kathryn Bigelow fan, and boy howdy does that lady know how to make a film. The plot is thus: Bravo Company heads out each day in war-torn […]

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SIFF Take: The Merry Gentleman

  The Merry Gentleman starts out with troubled assassin Frank Logan (Michael Keaton) finding himself unexpectedly saved one night when he spies battered-wife-in-hiding Kate Frazier (Kelly MacDonald). The two quickly form a close relationship, even without knowing each other’s secrets. There’s an undertone of mystery here, but the core of this film is the importance […]

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SIFF Take: I’m Gonna Explode

Starting out with a revenge fantasy, Voy a explotar quickly gained my interest only to lose it soon after the two troublemakers met. Roman's (Juan Pablo de Santiago) scarred from his mother's death and blames his dad for everything wrong with his life, and Maru's (Maria Deschamps) missing a dad and on the path to […]

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